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8,850 Watt Complete Solar Kit (Only $2.16/W!)
8.85KW Grid-Tie with 295w Solar Panel ($2.16 per watt!)
8.85KW Grid-Tie with 295w Solar Panel ($2.16 per watt!)
Item#: 8850w-pv-kit
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Product Description
DMSOLAR 8.85KW Grid-Tie Photovoltaic (PV) Power System, designed for residential or commercial, is a turnkey solution with everything included for standard setup (installation not included)!

Bill of Materials:
* Electrical drawing and tech support - FREE!
* $10 million dollars liability insurance coverage
* 30x Canadian Solar MaxPower 295W mono panels. CEC PTC rating: 263.6W!
* 1x Sunny Boy SB8000US inverter
* 1x Sunny Beam Bluetooth
* 1x Sunny Beam Com Card
* 1x HU361RB SQ-D 600V 30A AC/DC disconnect switch
* 3x 100'#10 AWG cable with MC4 connectors
* 1x Delta LA602DC Lightning Arrestor, 600VDC
* UniRac SolarMount-I flush mount
- 18x 144" SM-I 2.5 Beams
- 108x One Flange Attachment w/lag bolt
- 60x Mid Clamp "D-K"
- 20x End Clamp "D"
- 16x Splice Kit with grounding
- 60x UGC-2 Grounding Clip
- 06x Unirac Grounding Lug

- Solar Panel Spec
- Sunny Boy Inverter Spec
- Sunny Beam Spec