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About dmsolar
Born from the Founders, Engineers and Environmentalists of several manufacturing companies, dmsolar is reducing environmental dilemmas and leading the industry towards the most practical solutions for energy and other “Green” technologies. Dmsolar is pushing the boundaries of technology while keeping Mother Nature and her Resources a top priority. With recent resulting global and social change for the environment, there is a new greener cultural movement being accepted worldwide. What we plan to do with our collection of brand partners is aimed at helping you think about the part you can play.

The Value of dmsolar
Solar energy is a clean and reliable source of power. It is one of the fastest growing renewable energy platforms, a great investment with tax credits, rebates and net metering energy savings. Over 2 billion people in the developing world have no access to electricity. For these people, a PV module is probably the most economical power source today.

Corporate Vision
Our solar strategy is to exceed the cost effectiveness of existing PV flat panels through focused innovations in both the effective collection of solar energy (peak kWs) and the generation of maximum annual electric power. The efficiency and reliability of solar PV modules have increased dramatically, making them attractive options in the home or business. The solar power industry intends to use a House hearing to showcase support among environmentalists and industry leaders for long term extensions of investment tax credits for commercial and residential solar energy systems. Our Company is working to design even more cost-effective solar PV modules for electricity and to improve the durability of materials used in those systems. This research is helping to make these systems more accessible to the average consumer there by helping individuals reduce their utility bills which in turn reduces the nation's overall consumption of fossil fuels.

Mission statement
Our Goal is to:
* Contribute to a rapidly developing world-class cost competitive PV for sustainable electricity production
* Ensure strong associations and synchronizations between industry, research and market
* Strengthen the relationships with developing countries in order to bring affordable electricity services to the populations of these countries
* Benefit the nation by improving our air quality, developing our economy, and increasing our energy security
* Bettering air quality, especially for children and the elderly, by using a clean, non-polluting fuel source
* Reducing carbon emissions by 23 million metric tons per year by 2030.

Our Philosophy
What is required to achieve these levels of market penetration? Nothing less than a total commitment. Our commitment to you is the success of our work. To make solar energy accessible to the average consumer because of reduced costs which can collectively shape the world.

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