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Axitec 330w Monocrystalline Solar Panel ($0.58/W!)
Axitec 330w Mono Solar Module ($0.58 per watt!)
Axitec 330w Mono Solar Module ($0.58 per watt!)
Item#: AC-330MH-120S
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Product Description
Why Axitec Solar Panels
Axitec is one of the world’s leading solar cell manufacturers offering a full range of quality solar PV panels.
-Hyundai solar power panels will be powering the world's largest solar power system in the Arizona Desert.
-Hyundai controls every aspect of manufacture from the silicon used through to the module construction, allowing Hyundai to consistently maintain the very highest quality.
-These panels offer higher performance under conditions of low light and shading.
-The panels produce more energy for the kW installed, which means more savings for you!
* UL listed (UL 1703), Class C fire rating
* Advanced Mechanical Test: 5400pa
* Mechanical Load Test: 40 lbs/sq.ft.
* Industry leading power tolerance : +3/-0%
* ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 Certified
* 10-year workmanship, 90% after 10-year and 80% after 25-year power warranty

* 120pcs of 6" mono-crystalline solar cells
* Cell Efficiency: 23%
* Max Voltage: 1000V
* Pmax: 330W
* Vmp: 33.74V
* Imp: 9.79A
* Voc: 40.49V
* Isc: 10.25A
* UL/TUV/CE/IEC Approval
* Size: 66.3"x39.45"x1.38"
* Weight: 41.9lbs

Spec Sheet
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