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Kaneka Thin Film Solar Panel 110w
Kaneka Hybrid PV Module 110w
Kaneka Hybrid PV Module 110w
Item#: U-SA110
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Product Description
Kaneka Hybrid PV module has tandem junction; the micro-crystalline thin-film silicon layer and the thin-film amorphous silicon layer. This module achieves maximum 42% higher energy conversion efficiency than conventional thin-film amorphous silicon PV module.

Kaneka Hybrid PV module is an optimal choice to meet the needs of both residential and commercial solar installations. The sleek design of the Hybrid PV module features a durable backsheet, quick connect connectors, a uniform highly aesthetic appearance with black frames for a visually appealing installation.

Kaneka Hybrid PV module delivers greater performance and incorporates a lower open circuit voltage for enhanced design flexibility. These advances will enable higher kwh energy delivery per sq.ft. (SQM) and result in a lower overall installation cost. The modules are certified to UL 1703 standards. *Kaneka provides the Hybrid PV module certified to IEC 61646/61730 to Europe.

* Made in Japan
* UL listed, E232211
* Lead-free solder to reduce environmental load
* Kaneka hybrid cells
* Pmax: 110W(+10%, -5%)
* Vmp:
* Imp:
* Size: 47.64"x39.69"x1.57"
* Weight: 40lbs