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Axitec 400w Monocrystalline Solar Panel ($0.58/W!)
Axitec 400w Mono Solar Module ($0.58 per watt!)
Axitec 400w Mono Solar Module ($0.58 per watt!)
Item#: AC-400MH-144S
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Product Description
Why Axitec Solar Panels
Axitec is a company committed to provide solutions in renewable energy through PV technology. They manufacture PV modules, cells and wafers. Their modules are designed and manufactured with the highest quality to provide reliability and endurance.
-Innovation in Solar PV Technology
-International Experience in development of large scale projects
-World Class Technical support
-All of products are guaranteed
-Manufacturing own cells and control quality throughout the process
-Certified products

* UL listed (UL 1703), Class C fire rating
* Advanced Mechanical Test: 5400pa
* Mechanical Load Test: 40 lbs/sq.ft.
* Industry leading power tolerance : +3/-0%
* ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 Certified
* 10-year workmanship, 90% after 10-year and 80% after 25-year power warranty

* 144pcs of 6" mono-crystalline solar cells
* Cell Efficiency: 23%
* Max Voltage: 1000V
* Pmax: 400W
* Vmp: 40.77V
* Imp: 9.81A
* Voc: 48.55V
* Isc: 10.64A
* UL/TUV/CE/IEC Approval
* Size: 79.06"x39.45"x1.57"
* Weight: 51.81lbs

Spec Sheet
Axitec Spec