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Trojan's Renewable Energy (RE) Series Deep Cycle Battery
Trojan T105-RE 6V Deep Cycle Battery
Trojan T105-RE 6V Deep Cycle Battery
Item#: T105-RE-6V
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Product Description
* DuraGrid™ technology provides a 8-year design life and provides excellent charge efficiency
* Maxguard® XL Advanced Design Separator is 30% thicker and stronger, resists stratification, extends life and lowers overall maintenance costs
* Alpha Plus® paste formulation promotes longer life and optimum performance
* Polyon™container - our ultra-rugged case design stands up to the harshest of environments
* High capacity 2V battery - our L16RE-2V battery minimizes battery connections and lowers installation cost
* Lower specific gravity improves charge performance and extends life
* Best-in-class limited warranty - 5 years

* Type: T105-RE
* Voltage: 6
* Terminal: LT * 20 Hr Rate AH: 225
* 100 Hr Rate AH: 250
* Weight: 67lbs
* Dimension: 10 3/8"x7 1/8"x11 3/4"