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Xantrex™ Trace Series Inverter/Charger TR3624
Xantrex™ TR3624 Inverter/Charger
Xantrex™ TR3624 Inverter/Charger
Item#: xantrex-TR3624
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Product Description
* New digital display shows kilowatts (kW) when inverting and amps (A) when charging, plus incorporates a robust ON/OFF membrane switch and status indicators
* New power factor corrected (PFC) charging, combined with a more sophisticated multi-stage battery charging algorithm, reduces electricity draw and generator run-time
* Simplified controls with a snap-on cover that protects settings from being accidentally changed
* Better thermal performance allows full output power to 50°C (122°F) without de-rating
* High surge capacity starts more difficult loads and handles overload conditions reliably
* Circuit boards are conformally-coated to protect them from corrosion for longer life & improved reliability
* Durable powder coated, corrosion resistant steel chassis

* Model:TR3624-120-60
* Waveform: Modified sine wave
* Continuous output power: 3600 VA
* AC output voltage/frequency: 120 Vac/60 Hz
* DC input voltage range: 22.0 - 30.0 Vdc
* Rated DC input current: 186 amps
* DC charger rate (adjustable): 10 - 70 amps

TR3624 spec